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Clevrly Math using AI


Clevrly Math takes your math word problem and displays the step-by-step solution in seconds!


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Who are we?

We firmly believe that we are on the face of this planet to turn education and the process of learning into what they were always supposed to be: fun, interactive, and free from grunt work. Inquisitiveness and curiosity have helped us overcome every significant challenge we ever faced as humans, but it is unfortunate to see that the very process of learning today is laden with mundane tasks and monotonous routines. As we move headstrong into the 21st century, our mission is to bring back the spark and excitement to education using the power of personalized AI and cutting-edge technology.

Our products are intended to make your learning as conveninent as possible by minimizing any uninteresting tasks while studying. Clevrly Study Guide Generator gives you your AI study guide with notes, flashcards, mind maps, and a QA tool within seconds. With Clevrly Math, you can learn to solve your math word problems better than ever with its step-by-step solutions to any math question you run into, without any human intervention. With more and more innovations in AI everyday, we believe that our best learning tools are yet to come and a world of boredom-free education is just around the corner!

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What do we offer?

Our automated software provides you these curated features in minutes. Click to know more!

Clevrly Math using AI
Get your perfect study guide using AI

With Clevrly's AI study guide generator, you can upload the pictures of your textbooks or copy-paste your class materials and get a customizable study guide containing notes, flashcards, mind maps, and a question-answer tool in no time! This guide is completely flexible and allows you to tune it to your liking based on your learning methods and preferences.

The product is curated specifically for Humanities and World History classes and is aimed at incorporating technology into studying to make it an enjoyable and effective experience. We are constantly updating our features and improving our product to give you the best possible resources!

Our service is efficient and affordable, priced at only $5/month. With the aim of revolutionizing the education industry through the power of AI, this is only the first step towards an AI-powered future!









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The first of its kind, Clevrly Math is an AI that solves your math word problems within seconds without any human intervention! It is designed to solve questions from topics like Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics, and many more using its powerful AI engine combined with a completely intuitive user interface. The best part is that the solutions are provided in a step-by-step fashion so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the concept and eliminate any confusion.

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Covers all High school trigonometry topics!

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Covers all High school Algebra I and II topics!

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Covers all High school Pre-calculus and Calculus topics!

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